Plumbing Services for Stratas

Whether your business is experiencing problems with drainage, gas, water, grease traps, backflow, sewerage or stormwater, any downtime needs to be limited and dealt with expertly. We specialise in swift and efficient attention to all commercial plumbing requirements to get your business running smoothly again in no time – regardless of the scale of the job.
We have the skill, dedication and experience to work in a broad range of commercial settings. We are trusted by all types of businesses from Strata buildings, shopping centres, business parks, restaurants and clubs, childcare, government facilities, industrial and manufacturing – from high-rise buildings to factories – and everything in between.
When you engage Watermen Plumbing Services you can be assured that your plumbing issues will be handled immediately, effectively and in a reliable manner. We take pride in our approach and offer safety checks and targeted advice on preventative measures to secure your business for the long term.

7 Point Safety Check on Arrival 

Storm Water

To ensure gutters, downpipes, pits and water tanks are clear and free of debris.

Hot Water Unit

To check the age of the unit, that it was installed with temp valve and is within Legal Guidelines.

Water Meter

To ensure that the water meter is accessible and can be turned off properly.

Water Pressure

To ensure that all new items/materials to be installed are warrantied.

Water Control

To ensure that flexible connections and taps are present beneath basins for fast access.


To perform a general check of the gas meter and its accessibility.


To ensure that gullies, inspection openings, and vents are present and that the sewer is clear and accessible.


The team at Watermen Plumbing Services have a wealth of experience working with business owners, facilities managers, property managers and real estate offices. We provide prompt, expert and reliable plumbing services at competitive prices. Our plumbers have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure all plumbing jobs are done correctly – the first time. We are continually improving our team’s skill base by implementing the latest technologies and innovations to help us determine the best and most cost effective solution.



Watermen Plumbing Services specialise in emergency plumbing repairs and the clearing of block drains to residential and commercial properties. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with emergency plumbers on hand ready to provide an immediate service when you require it the most.