Large Range of Hot Water Systems

Watermen Plumbing Services are hot water experts. Before installation, we provide consultation and advise on the most appropriate hot water system to suit your household needs. We are upfront about the cost and assure a competitive price. Watermen Plumbing Services also offer hot water system repair and maintenance. If your hot water system is leaking, making unusual noises, showing signs of rust or not functioning at all, get in touch with us now.

7 Point Safety Check on Arrival 

Storm Water

To ensure gutters, downpipes, pits and water tanks are clear and free of debris.

Hot Water Unit

To check the age of the unit, that it was installed with temp valve and is within Legal Guidelines.

Water Meter

To ensure that the water meter is accessible and can be turned off properly.

Water Pressure

To ensure that all new items/materials to be installed are warrantied.

Water Control

To ensure that flexible connections and taps are present beneath basins for fast access.


To perform a general check of the gas meter and its accessibility.


To ensure that gullies, inspection openings, and vents are present and that the sewer is clear and accessible.


Watermen Plumbing Services provide an extensive range of hot water systems – from electric, gas, instant, heat pumps to solar. We provide same day service for all types of hot water system installations, services and repairs. All Watermen Plumbing Services technicians are highly trained, certified and have years of experience installing, repairing and servicing all types of hot water systems.



Watermen Plumbing Services specialise in emergency plumbing repairs and the clearing of block drains to residential and commercial properties. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with emergency plumbers on hand ready to provide an immediate service when you require it the most.