Let Us Fix Those Leaky Taps!

Many people think a dripping tap is nothing to worry about and may even attempt to fix the problem themselves. However, neglecting to determine the underlying cause of the leak or delaying fixing this repair can result in larger and long-lasting damage and escalating costs to repair. It is always best to call the professional team at Watermen Plumbing Services to assist. Our expert team will determine the cause of the leaking tap and replace all faulty washers, cartridges or o-rings, as required, or the tap itself if the damage is severe.

7 Point Safety Check on Arrival 

Storm Water

To ensure gutters, downpipes, pits and water tanks are clear and free of debris.

Hot Water Unit

To check the age of the unit, that it was installed with temp valve and is within Legal Guidelines.

Water Meter

To ensure that the water meter is accessible and can be turned off properly.

Water Pressure

To ensure that all new items/materials to be installed are warrantied.

Water Control

To ensure that flexible connections and taps are present beneath basins for fast access.


To perform a general check of the gas meter and its accessibility.


To ensure that gullies, inspection openings, and vents are present and that the sewer is clear and accessible.


A dripping tap can waste up to 24 000 litres of water a year, not to mention the cost. Don’t waste our most valuable resource: call Watermen Plumbing Services to replace or repair your leaky tap. A tap that drips over an extended period can cause severe damage by eroding the groove in the brass seat that the washer sits on and requires a new tap. The damage can be much more extensive in the case of shower or bath taps where the problem can extend to tiles and the wall itself.


Watermen Plumbing Services specialise in emergency plumbing repairs and the clearing of block drains to residential and commercial properties. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with emergency plumbers on hand ready to provide an immediate service when you require it the most.