What is pipe relining and is it worth the cost?

This is one of the questions that we receive most often at Watermen, so we thought we would explain a little bit about the process below. In this blog we will look at why pipe relining is a cost effective and minimally disruptive alternative to pipe replacement and why YOU should invest in your pipes today!


So, what is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is an innovative plumbing solution that helps repair damaged water and sewer pipes without the need for invasive digging. In the past, the only solution to a cracked pipe was to dig up your property to access the pipes and replace them, which was very messy! However, with modern technology it is now possible to fix cracked pipes without having to replace them at all; this is where pipe relining comes in. Instead of tearing apart your property, pipe relining places a strong, new section of pipe tightly to the inside of the existing one and seals up any cracks. This will reinforce the pipe so that it will last longer and stop any further leaking!


How does it work?

Whilst there are multiple techniques to pipe relining, we will look at the technique that we use at Watermen as we believe this to be the most efficient and effective.

We begin by taking a thorough look at the pipes and identifying both the problem and the location. When this has been established, we clean inside the broken pipes to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the relining process.

We then insert the resin impregnated Brawoliner into the broken pipe using air pressure, this liner is very flexible so it will bend to fit the pipes. Once the liner has been fully inserted we leave it to cure until it has fully set. To reinforce the new lining we press a resin against the pipe wall and there you have it, the pipes are now fully relined!


What are the benefits of pipe relining?

No digging required!

  • Pipe relining does not require any excavation or digging up of your property. This avoids damage to landscaping and flooring while significantly reducing mess and inconvenience.

Fast and efficient method of repair.

  • The pipe relining process can often be completed in just a day, with minimal disruption to water supply and drainage; this is much faster than traditional pipe replacement!

Long-lasting solution.

  • Pipe relining uses durable polymer materials that can provide a permanent solution and last for decades (Brawoliner products last up to 50 years). This makes it an affordable alternative to frequent pipe replacements or repairs – just think how many you might need in a 50 year period!

Maintains water pressure.

  • The relining process does not reduce the internal diameter of pipes. This means that there is no impact on water pressure or flow, so you can keep your showers just as you like them!

Minimal environmental impact.

  • Because no digging is required, pipe relining avoids damage to the surrounding area and has a minimal environmental footprint. There is no contaminated soil to dispose of and less waste generated. It’s 2023, let’s reduce our footprint and choose the better option!

But, is it cost effective?

Yes! Pipe relining is often much more affordable than pipe replacement and digging. It provides a budget-friendly solution to pipe problems that can save homeowners thousands of dollars. It is a long lasting solution so, by using pipe relining you are avoiding future problems that could occur if you were to invest in a less robust fix. By sealing and reinforcing damaged pipes, pipe relining helps prevent further leaks, cracks and bursts which can lead to water damage, flooding and structural issues. Basically, it provides a permanent issue to your pipe problems!


In summary, pipe relining offers an innovative, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pipe repairs and replacement. It provides a long-lasting solution with minimal disruption and inconvenience. If you have cracked or damaged pipes, we would strongly recommend considering pipe relining.

Our team of experienced plumbers would love to help you with any plumbing issues and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the pipe relining process. Please head to the “Contact Us” section of our website to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!